From a young age Elizabeth Casey, known as Yulay to her family and friends, knew she wanted to be a TV personality. A free spirit who likes to play without her shoes and wavy hair in her native Dominican, Casey was driven to reach her goal. As a child she made her first microphone, so she could pretend to be a reporter, out of an orange piece and a broom handle, using her back yard as her TV studio and her friends as audience members.

   As most can relate, she had a special teacher who inspired her to be all she could be. Celeste Colon saw her talent, potential, and drive, and because of it encouraged her to work hard to succeed, brining her to community meetings to make speeches on issues facing their community, and in the process introduced her to other community activists and activities.

   Upon becoming a teenager she continued to hone her skills through volunteering to read in the church. At 16 she was also chosen as the town queen, through a local pageant, which up until that point was a dream her and her mother had shared. She had rehearsed for at least 11 years to win the competition. Casey would go on to win many writing and other competitions in high school, and participated actively in extra curricular activities like theater with director Noe Zayas.

   At 20 she did the bravest thing one can do, and moved to America to have a work experience. Taking on a job she worked hard and saved money to study Digital Film Making at the Katherine Gibbs School. This hard work paid off, after she landed a job as a producer creating her own TV show in Gritalo New York, and setting to work producing her own movie.

    This year Elizabeth Casey started producing and getting ready to act in a new feature film, The Ghost Story, directed by Agustin Betancourt. She has previously acted in Trapped, Living with my Parents,  The Date, and others.

   A trained bartender, Casey is sought after for commercials and films where bartending stunts and tricks are required. She is also fluent in English & Spanish.




2014 Rapid Realty Awards Party

2013 Urban Awards

2013 Premio Mexicanos!

2012 Premios Latinos


March 29, 2013 15:21

Gracias yulai,por ser parte motivadora y ejemplo de buena Dominicana y Guaranera con orgullo. siempre en conversaciones que tengo con algunos amigo, te pongo como ejemplo vivo de superación. cuidate mucho y sigue hacia delante que falta mucho, el mundo es tuyo y tu puedes.besos y abrazos. Freddy R. Ventura

You are so very kind. It is so nice working with you!

Melissa Blackmon "Nextpert News"

Gracias por el placer de trabajar contigo!

Karmina Lopez-Tailor " Spanish Media Solution"

ERES LA MEJOR! Te Quiero mucho!

Jaime Cornesh Tenorio " Mexico" Fan